The early history

1990 Prof. Ulrich Rohde KA2WEU was guest at the hotel Flüela in Davos. The owner of the hotel Andreas Gredig established contact to the local radio amateur Stephan Perren HB9QS.

The plan emerged to overcome the isolation on VHF and UHF by installing a repeater on top of the mountain.

Soon thereafter an ICOM repeater flew with Ulrich from New York to Paris (probably the first ICOM repeater that flew at Mach 2).

The BAKOM ("Swiss FCC") issued the call sign HB9HAI for the station on top of the Mountain Weissfluh near Davos.

The relay group Davos - Parsenn was founded with HB9HAR Thomas Siegler, HB9XX Adolf Geisseler and HB9AEP Hugo Wetter